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Healthy Office Lunch & Buffet Packages

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$14.9 Per Person / Minimum 10 People

  • Pointed sandwiches – selection of fillings, four points per person
  • Hand rolled brown rice sushi with soy, ginger and wasabi
  • Seasonal fruit platter, sliced for easy handling


$15.9 Per Person / Minimum 10 People

  • Gourmet tortilla wraps with a selection of fresh fillings
  • Rice paper rolls – served with hoisin & peanut sauce
  • Gourmet dips platter


$17.9 Per Person / Minimum 10 People

  • Selection of gourmet tortilla wraps, club finger and pointed sandwiches
  • A salad of your choice – please refer to seasonal/classic salads
  • Seasonal fruit platter, sliced for easy handling



$55 / Serves 10

Traditional dolmades, crudities and a trio of seasonal dips served with seasoned pita chips


$65  / Serves 10 / 30 Pieces

Sashimi, nigari, inside out sushi, brown rice sushi, pickled ginger, soy sauce and wasabi


$85  / Serves 10

Mozzerella, camembert, cheddar and raclette cheese served with Sicilian olives, sundried tomatoes, mixed dried fruit,  red grapes, nuts and wholegrain crackers


Minimum Order of 10 people / 48 hour notice required / Select 1 main, 1 salad and 1 side
For orders 20+ people please select 2 mains, 2 salads and 2 sides



  • Classic chicken breast – Lemon, oregano, olive, rosemary gf / df / ff
  • Summer chicken casserole – Sultana, basil, lemon, pinenut gf / df
  • Malaysian chicken curry – Coconut, eggplant, fresh green chilli gf / df
  • TCC Overnight lamb shoulder – Toasted fennel seeds, grilled zucchini, oregano, pan juice gf / df
  • Braised lamb & feta – Greek style, feta, mint, olives gf
  • Cuban smoked beef brisket – Lime, parsley, corn gf / df
  • Beef bourguignon – Shallots & baked mushrooms gf / df
  • Traditional roast beef rump – Dijon mustard, caramelised onion, red wine jus gf / df
  • Eggplant saltimbocca – sage, garlic, napoli, roast red onion, parmesan & parsley gf / v
  • Spiced chickpea & sweet potato ragout – Indian style gf / vgn
  • Penne pasta – Semi dried tomato, zucchini, squash, spinach, grana padano v


  • Mediterranean couscous – Peas, turmeric, currants, pine nuts vgn
  • Steamed green beans – Shallot & raspberry vinaigrette, roast capsicum gf / vgn
  • Paella style rice – Seasonal vegetable, paprika, sherry gf / vgn
  • Olive oil mash – fines herbs gf / vgn
  • Steamed jasmine rice gf / vgn
  • Roast spring vegetables – Georgian five spice gf / vgn
  • Steamed greens – olive oil, lemon, gf / vgn



      •  Charred broccoli salad – Charred broccoli, rocket, pepita & black sesame seeds, hummus w orange, miso dressing gf / vgn
      •  Corn & black bean salad – Corn, black bean, green capsicum, tomato, coriander w white balsamic, chipotle dressing gf / vgn
      •  Cauliflower tabouli salad – Raw cauliflower rice, cucumber, tomato, radish, flat leaf parsley, sumac, onion w lemon, olive oil dressing gf / vgn
      •  Roasted carrot and brown rice salad – Roasted carrot, brown rice, walnuts, rocket, feta, mint, endive w red wine vinaigrette gf / v / ff
      •  Iceberg lettuce and melon salad – Iceberg lettuce, celery, green melon, spring onion, coriander, mint, pickled ginger, black sesame seeds w rice wine vinegar, sichuan & sesame oil dressing gf / vgn
      •  Festive Nectarine salad – Yellow nectarine, watercress, frisse, asparagus, ricotta salata, pistachios w white balsamic dressing gf / v



      •  Garden salad – mixed lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cucumber & carrot gf / df / vgn
      •  Greek salad – Tomato, cucumber, red capsicum, kalamata olives, Persian feta, Spanish onion with a red wine vinaigrette gf
      •  Rocket, pear & parmesan salad – Rocket leaves w crisp sliced pear, shaved parmesan & balsamic vinaigrette gf / v
      •  Chipotle coleslaw salad – Red & white cabbage, carrot, flat leaf parsley w chipotle mayonnaise gf / v
      •  Caprese salad – Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, cracked black pepper, olive oil & balsamic reduction gf / v
      •  Sicilian orange salad – Sliced oranges, fennel, spanish onion, rocket, white wine vinaigrette gf / vgn
      •  Caesar salad – Fresh cos lettuce, crispy prosciutto, soft boiled eggs, croutons, shaved grana padano & caesar dressing
      •  Potato & dill salad – Steamed potatoes, fresh dill, gherkin & red onion w yoghurt, sour cream dressing gf / v


    • $85 Per Kettle / Serves 10-20 People / All soups are served with wholegrain bread rolls and butter.
      •  Vegetable minestone soup w borlotti beans gf / vgn
      •  Cauliflower, white bean & tumeric soup gf / vgn
      •  French lentil & spring vegetable soup gf / vgn
      •  Corn, green bean & potato chowder gf / vgn
      •  Thai pumpkin soup w coconut cream gf / vgn
      •  Chicken, miso & ginger soup gf / df

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