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We’re professional but not stuffy, precise but also flexible, we like to think of ourselves as ‘Catering with Character’.

A Little Bit About Us


In 1987, Sam Conti and Renzo Mazzocca decided to combine their friendship and years of restaurant and catering expertise and form The Catering Company. What started as a family run business selling handcrafted lunches to office workers, has evolved in to an incredible, full scale catering business with passionate food philosophies and a sustainable business model in mind.

Last year, we reached an incredible milestone, 30 years in business! We’re more dynamic, energetic and creative than ever and in 2018, our focus is to grow our range of healthy catering options for our clients and better promote health and wellness in the work environment. We hope to lead by example and inspire our clients to do the same, and in turn, create happier, healthier workplaces with improved energy levels, morale and motivation! Bring it on.

When it comes to produce, we work tirelessly to bring you the freshest, local and responsibly farmed foods and reflect the best of the season in our menus always, upholding our ecological responsibility. We take initiative and have pioneered being the first industrial kitchen in Melbourne to compost, recycle, use eco mark packaging, and eliminate toxic chemicals in our kitchen.

We also are about the community and have forged strong partnerships with various community organisations so that any excess catering or cancelled orders can be distributed to those in need, rather than go to waste. We’re committed to you, our customers, so be assured that when you work with us you’ve partnered with a caterer who insist on the success of your event, the environment and the community, as much as you do.


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