Frequently Asked Questions

Please make sure all orders are in by 2pm.

“How much is it for delivery?”
We offer a free delivery for the CBD and 5km, in its surrounding radius.
Our minimum order required for this is $75.
Please see our delivery charges and minimum order requirements for zones 2-3-4
Zone 2 5 – 15 kms $125 minimum order $15 delivery fee
Zone 3 15 – 25 kms $300 minimum order $30 delivery fee
Zone 4 25 kms + $500 minimum order $40 delivery fee

“Do you cater for dietary needs?”
Absolutely! We will provide a 30% vegetarian component with each order to accommodate your vegetarian clients. Additional dietaries such as fructose friendly, gluten free, dairy free or vegan will be wrapped and provided separately with the clients name on them. Please keep in mind that we will do our best to provide similar alternate meals where your dietary requirement is concerned, but sometimes may need to substitute hot food items depending on what is seasonally available.

“What if I want to cancel?”
While we require 24 hour notice on cancellations, we will always do our best to accommodate you. If you cancel a meeting on the actual day, we’ll likely waive the cost in the following scenarios:

-IF you haven’t ordered a specialty food item.
-IF we haven’t cooked the food yet.

IF the food has been made but not sent out for delivery and we can reallocate the food elsewhere. BUT if the food has been made and we can’t reallocate it elsewhere, you’ll be charged the full fee for your order.

“What if we break the equipment? Not on purpose of course!”
No problem, we understand that things can get pretty wild at those err, corporate seminars and what not, so any lost or broken Catering Company equipment will just be charged to your invoice.

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