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Healthy Office Catering

Healthy catering choices for the your Melbourne office everyday

The Catering Company provides a platform to support healthy eating and promote access to nutritious food as part of our healthy office catering initiative.

Our health conscious catered menu has been created by our in house nutritionist and speciality chefs. The menu has been assessed together with the Healthy Eating Advisory Service and follows the Healthy Choices guidelines for healthy workplace catering.

The Victorian Government’s Healthy Choices guidelines uses a traffic light system to categorise foods and drinks GREEN, AMBER or RED based on their nutritional value. GREEN category are the healthiest choices. AMBER category should be eaten in moderation. Foods and drinks in the RED category are not essential and are not included in this menu at all.

    Ultimately, we believe there is no need for nutritious food to be boring and tasteless when you have team of dedicated chefs and nutritionists working hard at perfecting items.

    These healthy catering service menus have a huge variety of options that are not only great for your well-being but delicious too – something for everyone in the office to love!

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