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Salesian College Legacy Breakfast

Established in 1957, Salesian College in Chadstone is an all-boys school that celebrates diversity and promotes relationships built on mutual respect. Each year they celebrate continuing generations of families whose sons will carry on the tradition in the Salesian College community.

This year’s Legacy Breakfast had 130 hungry young men and their fathers listening to motivational speakers while enjoying freshly-baked hot lavosh rolls. There were two breakfast catering choices – filled with either scrambled egg, crispy bacon, tomato and cheese or our vegetarian option of scrambled egg, mushroom, spinach, tomato and cheese.

As well as a hearty brekky roll, there was fresh seasonal fruits of pineapple, watermelon, pear, mandarin and strawberries. Healthy Greek yogurt and sweet banana bread was also available for all to enjoy.

Breakfast isn’t complete without coffee and OJ! Our Melbourne catering company supplied a constant flow of delicious Nespresso coffee, piping hot Tea Tonic tea and delicious Market Fresh cold-pressed orange and apple juice. All this happened at the chilly hour of 7am!

To pull it all off, our team of professional wait staff set up the drinks stations, linen table cloths, china, glassware and portable oven the day prior. The transformation from school sports hall to dining hall for a sit down meal was swiftly executed and ran smoothly with wonderful results!



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