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Dietaries, Allergens and Personal Taste!

In 2019, you are what you eat has never a been truer statement.

And with modern advancements in food science, technology and research we now better understand how food affects our bodies, gut health and even mental health, more than ever before.

Here at The Catering Company Melbourne, we change our menus seasonally and updating an ever-changing menu requires accurate information about ingredients. Recently we have seen our clients requesting more and more individual food labels, mainly due to an increase of dietary, allergen and personal taste requirements.

Luckily, customising menus is what the TCC do best! Many of our regular clients love us to come up with special menus for themed finger food cateringbuffet catering, breakfast catering or afternoon tea catering. Once we have all their dietary, allergen and personal preferences, we can then have fun designing the style of the catering services menu to suit their appetite.

Gluten free, Dairy free, Vegan, Fructose friendly, Vegetarian & Nut free – we cater for all these and more! We’ve even added, for one of our long standing customers, fun emojis to their food labels! This gives an easy visual guide for foods that may are higher in carbs, good or bad fats, high in protein, sugar or fibre and of course high in healthy vitamins and minerals.

At the end of the day our body is a temple and what we eat impacts our health. If we wish to maintain the one body we’ve got, we need to listen to it, feed it well and treat it with care. Food is a natural way to do this.  Knowing exactly what you’re consuming is vital to keeping a happy and healthy – mind, body and soul.

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