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Street Food From the Heart Of Fitzroy

Street Food Catering in Melbourne

Let The Catering Company bring Melbournes Famous Foodie culture to your home or office!


Minimum of 20 per item.

Cheeseburger Royale
Cheeseburger Slider with pickle and mustard on house baked Mini Bun                         

Pulled Pork Slider $5.50
Pulled pork slider with cabbage slaw, crispy onions and Bourbon BBQ Sauce

Oxtail Croquette $5.50                                                         
Oxtail croquette in a split roll with Cajun remoulade and shredded lettuce

Asian Steamed Bun  $5.50
Char Sui Pork Belly on House made steamed bun with Asian slaw

Mini Corndogs $4.00
Mini Chipolata corndogs with Dijon Dipping Sauce

Elotes $4.00 (V)                                                                                            
Roasted Corn Cob in Husk with lime butter, chili and fontina cheese

Quinoa & Black Bean Slider  $5.50 (V)
Quinoa and black bean slider with guacamole and pickled cucumber

Dulce De Churros  $5.50
With chopped pistachio, and hazelnut dipping sauce



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